Prize winners IBF Competition

IBF Canarias organizes a competiton for young Canarian musicians in collaboration with the Fundación MAPFRE Guanarteme. Being held for the third time this contest strives to encourage talented young musicians from the Canary Islands. It offers opportunities for studying and performing all musical instruments and master classes. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s competition!

Emanuele Poggi (piano) – First Prize Category I
Lorenzo Poggi (piano) – First Prize Category I
Diego Bermúdez Zhmaev (violin) – Second Prize Category I
Simeón González Chiriquí (violin) – Third Prize Category I

Ekaterina Nuez Vostokov (violin) – First Prize Category II
Elia Doumerc (piano) – Second Prize Category II
Nerea Benítez Navarrete (violin) – Third Prize Category II
Arianna Navarro Pérez (trumpet) – Third Prize Category II

Iván José Caballero Cabrera (bassoon) – Third prize category III


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